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Mini Indy Speedway is located at the northeast corner of the Indiana State Fairgrounds.  For more information on Mini Indy Speedway check out their web page!!

Kokomo Speedway

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Eldora Speedway


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2015 ND Racing Schedule:                                                          Junior Honda/Junior Animal:

4/11: Club Race #1-Mini Indy Speedway                                                    2nd/2nd

4/18: Club Race #2-Mini Indy Speedway                                                    1st/1st

4/19: Club Race #3-Mini Indy Speedway                                                    RAIN OUT

5/9: Indiana State Series #1-Mini Indy Speedway                                      3rd/3rd

5/10: Indiana State Series #2-Mini Indy Speedway                                    2nd/2nd

5/16: Club Race #4-Mini Indy Speedway                                                    RAIN OUT

5/17: Club Race #5-Mini Indy Speedway                                                    6th/2nd

5/30: Club Race #6-Mini Indy Speedway                                                    3rd/RAIN OUT    

6/6: Indiana State Series #3-Kokomo Speedway                                        4th/5th

6/7: Indiana State Series #4-Kokomo Speedway                                        6th/4th    

6/29: Club Race #7-Mini Indy Speedway                                                    3rd/5th

7/4-7/5: MWT Robbie Stanley Memorial-Mini Indy Speedway                    DNF/7th                            *car counts: 28 Honda/20 Animal

7/10-7/12: Battle at the Brickyard-Indianapolis Motor Speedway                6th D-main/7th C-Main     *car counts: 46 Honda/38 Animal

8/29: Club Race #8-Mini Indy Speedway

9/12: Club Race #9-Mini Indy Speedway

9/26: Club Race #10-Mini Indy Speedway

10/3: Club Race #11-Mini Indy Speedway

10/4: Club Race #12-Mini Indy Speedway

10/10: Club Race #13-Mini Indy Speedway

10/11: Club Race #14-Mini Indy Speedway

10/17: Mini Indy Fall Fun Race